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A Good Rogering Premiere Music Video for Guitar-Driven Single, “A Victory Lost”

A Good Rogering, still supporting their release of the ‘Systematic Paralysis’ album last spring, debut the music video for the guitar-driven single, “A Victory Lost.”



A Good Rogering in 2023

After some time away, it’s been a refreshing resurgence for A Good Rogering since the release of their Systematic Paralysis album last spring.

Now, as they come off of a couple of tour dates through Texas, with more to come in June and July through the Lonestar State, they are dropping their new music video for “A Victory Lost,” off of the aforementioned new record. The video is a thematic continuation to its predecessors, the clips for the title track and “Face Value,” and features both performance bits, as well as a story that unfolds throughout.

Telling us more, singer and guitarist Skunk Manhattan explains:

“‘A Victory Lost’ is the final installment of a trilogy of videos from the first three tracks of our latest album Systematic Paralysis. The video embodies the dystopian theme of the album with imagery, characters, and backdrops that depict an unfolding reality that’s sinister and taboo. The sonic landscape of ‘A Victory Lost’ is full of odd-meter catchy riffs, syncopated drumming, and heavy-hitting choruses that illuminate a message of skepticism in an age of dogmatism.

“We once again worked with videographer Marc Coronado who also did the second video in the trilogy Systematic Paralysis.”

After going five years since the release of their 2017 album This Is Death Metal, Systematic Paralysis delivers on all fronts. You got a full-on use of distortion, groovy guitar riffs, unmistakable guitar solos, and those anthemic choruses meant for a large audience. Throughout its eight songs, the band touches on themes of abandonment and disconnection, which feel very topical in the times that we live in.

Manhattan is the heart and soul of the band and has been ever since the release of their 2010 debut full-length Long Overdue. After some lineup changes over the years, their lineup is as solid as it’s ever been, with Manhattan leading the way. A Good Rogering is a band that reminds you what’s great about rock n’ roll, regardless of what’s trendy. It’s all about having a good time.

Systematic Paralysis Track Listing:

1. Face Value
2. Systematic Paralysis
3. A Victory Lost
4. Another Handout
5. Hands of the Conqueror
7. Clones for Death
8. All There Ever Is

A Good Rogering 2023 tour flyer

A Good Rogering 2023 tour flyer