Better days are not ahead or behind us; they’re here right now with the release of Zack Keim’s brand-new music video and accompanying single. A standalone release, “Better Days” has a classic and nostalgic feel to it, modern enough sounding but the kind of song that you feel like you don’t hear anymore.

True to its title, the song is very much about longing for the past, with references to little things from before that you never thought you’d miss so much. The track was co-written by Keim and indie singer-songwriter Matt Costa, who also produced the song and directed the music video. Like many great songs, “Better Days” came together rather quickly, and was recorded in only one microphone in Costa’s bedroom.

Reflecting on what the song means to him, Keim shares with us:

“The song ‘Better Days,’ to me, represents a reflection of hopeful youth, but also the daily struggles of life. When we wrote the song together we reflected on what has happened over the last few years, and how we all had our ups and downs. Yet, we remain hopeful that better times and better days lay ahead.”

It’s all shaping up to be a very pleasant rest of 2023 for Keim, with not only this single release but also his forthcoming sophomore album Battery Lane, named after the street he lived on in the Washington, D.C. area. The release of “Better Days” also included the b-side “Maggie,” with both tracks showcasing Keim broadening his artistic base, and really finding his voice as an artist. He is using these songs, as well as his single release from last year “Canyon” as an opportunity to reintroduce himself as an artist. Not that he necessarily needed to alter the course of what he was doing as a songwriter, but stylistically, he grew up listening to a lot of indie rock before branching off in more of a hardcore or garage rock direction.

These songs, and soon on Battery Lane, will be Keim’s best opportunity to define himself and set a course for himself as an artist for the next many years. He’s made a lot of leaps forward lately, and he wants to carry that momentum forward, and in essence, ride the wave, something all great artists are able to do.

Zack Keim “Better Days” single artwork
Zack Keim “Better Days” single artwork