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Oberon Rose Premieres Their Soaring “Revelation Mountain” Music Video

Colourful is a nice way of describing Oberon Rose, not just because of their vibrant new music video for “Revelation Mountain.”



Oberon Rose in 2023, photo by Jon Karr

Colourful is a nice way of describing Oberon Rose, not just because of their vibrant new music video for “Revelation Mountain.” It’s also an accurate comparison of their brand new full-length Purple, Blue & Crimson, the collection of songs in which you will find “Revelation Mountain,” released this past January via ThouART Records.

With its impressive pallet of colours and shades, the video features the band performing the song, with their dynamic chemistry on display, skillfully playing off each other and seemingly having a blast the whole way through. Southern in its sound and production, “Revelation Mountain” also features a bluesy, psychedelic influence that doesn’t sound like anything else out there right now.

Discussing the clip and what they wanted to get out of it, Oberon Rose co-founder Rebecca Rose says:

“We went for a real art-house feel with this video. Our idea was to capture a sense of surrealism, but we wanted to create the effects in the room during the filming rather than in post-production. With this video, we were going for authenticity.”

Authenticity is strewn through Purpose, Blue & Crimson, drawing from the wide scope of Western and Southern music. Led by Rose and her collaborator Tommy Oberon, the quartet has forged a diversified sound, influenced by folk, country, blues, glam rock, and classic pop. Rose and Oberon met in New York City and became friends before they chose to collaborate on songwriting together. Oberon was working on a song and was unable to come up with any words, so he brought it to Rose, and just like that, Oberon Rose was born.

Their fourth studio record, Purple, Blue & Crimson, is the follow-up to Holographic Blues, and it was very much influenced by the rich musical history of their new hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. They wrote the record in their home studio, a pretty basic recording process that produced a dynamic record with a nicely polished sound. The lyrics are very open to interpretation, but the album was generally written as a record about life, death, and rebirth. That open-ended approach to songwriting has become a staple of Oberon Rose, and the result is an album that illustrates the positive results that can come from patience and persistence.

Purple, Blue & Crimson Track Listing:

1. Purple, Blue & Crimson
2. Revelation Mountain
3. Seen By Angels
4. Abilene
5. Four Winds
6. O’ Tambourine
7. Lazy Eye Of The Dawn
8. Broken Bow
9. Rainmaker
10. Big Night Out

Oberon Rose ‘Purple, Blue & Crimson’ album artwork

Oberon Rose ‘Purple, Blue & Crimson’ album artwork