In just a slew of days, Italian label Rude Records is letting three of its bands loose across the UK for The Getaway Tour.

Featuring French trio Oakman, London punk rockers Delaire The Liar, and twin brothers Modern Error, the tour package arrives in London on April 26th, so we grabbed a quick chat with the French outfit to get us prepped for the tour…

Thanks for your time; the tour is coming up. What are you most excited about?

“Touring in the UK has always been a great experience! This time we get to come back with such amazing bands and we are very excited to get to know each other since we are on the same label. We miss the large breakfast at Wetherspoons as well!”

How did you get involved in the tour and what made you say yes?

“Our label organized this tour in the UK and asked us if we wanted to be part of it. Of course, we wanted to be on it! We love being on stage and on tour, so it was a no-brainer to say yes.”

Which venue/city are you most looking forward to playing in and why?

“We don’t have any preference, we have great memories in each of these cities, especially Glasgow where our shows have always been very well received! So we can’t wait to discover this venue in Glasgow and we’re also very excited to play in London!”

What do you know about the other bands on the tour and why is your set going to be the most kick-ass out of all of them?

“We have never played or met the other bands, so this is the opportunity for us! And we are sure that their set is amazing but we have our drummer who has the best hair. That’s what’s going to make the difference, for sure! Sorry.”

What is on your rider? Any weird items? Have you ever been on tour with a band who have a weird rider?

“No need for weird items on our rider, we already have weird members in the band. One day though, a band asked for healthy food and a place to sleep on their rider… who does that? Seriously…”

What about on your tour bus? What essential items do you pack for a tour like this?

“Ourselves first! Then a toothbrush, pillow, music, conversation, jokes, food, Monster (for some of us), and a good mood.”

Who in your band has the worst habits and what are they?

“No one has bad habits. We are perfect. We are French.”

Artwork for 'The Getaway Tour'
Artwork for ‘The Getaway Tour’

On an off-show day, how do you spend your time?

“We try to take a shower and some rest, something we can hardly do the rest of the time on tour.”

Who would your ultimate tour be with?

“We would like to tour with Michael Jackson as a hologram like Hatsune Miku.”

Just to finish off, money is tight at the moment, what are fans going to get for their ticket money?

“They’re gonna have three amazing and talented bands, people with passion and rage who put their body and soul energy every day since always, sharing the stage with them on those nights. And that’s pure beauty. They’re also gonna have a baguette from us. French bonus!”

The Getaway Tour Tour Dates:

04/26 – London – Boston Music Rooms
04/27 – Manchester – Satans Hollow
04/28 – Glasgow – The Garage Attic


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