It’s time to get lost in the horns with Worth It, the latest EP from MarchFourth. This is horn work at its finest, seven songs that declare that it’s time to party, no matter whether it’s quitting time or the top of the morning. This is such an upbeat sound that you won’t be able to help yourself; a brass band fusion of funk, rock, and jazz that will have you grooving left, right, and back left and right, and back, again, and again, and again.

With some commentary on the new EP, singer and bassist John Averill says:

“There wasn’t a plan among the composers to follow a particular narrative theme, but after listening to the material I can hear a lot of the songs responding to the times we are living in, which includes following your own path towards truth and soul amid an environment that is being threatened with extinction, and examining the causes of that: ego, fear, and their by-products (such as greed and shortsightedness).”

Worth It was written and recorded to concentrate the band’s amazing energy and chemistry into a set of carefully arranged studio creations. They are celebrating their 20th anniversary together in style with the EP’s seven boogied-up tracks that harken back to the days of Tropicália, a musical movement that conjoins Brazilian and African rhythms with Western pop rock. As you might have expected with a sound like this, MarchFourth have a massive and widely regarded live show, and Worth It was recorded with the intention to emphasize that live quality that makes this band so exciting.

The album was also recorded in a very free-spirited manner, an encouragement to the listener to follow their own path towards truth and soul, and in doing so, protecting that freedom. This is music you can’t help but like, a rush of excitement and positivity, with lots to go around for all.

Worth It Track Listing:

1. (Giant Statue Of A) Tiny Horse
2. Swiggity
3. Howl At The Moon
4. White Rhino
5. My Own Way
6. Evening The Score
7. Worth It

Tour Dates:

05/11 – Bend, OR – Midtown Ballroom
05/12 – Redding, CA – Shasta Living Streets
05/13 – 05/14 – Placerville, CA – Golden Road Gathering
06/08 – Seattle, WA – Neumos
06/09 – Bellingham, WA – Wild Buffalo
06/10 – Eugene, OR – WOW Hall
06/21 – Hood River, OR – The Ruins
06/22 – Stanley, ID – Sawtooth Valley Gathering

MarchFourth ‘Worth It’ album artwork
MarchFourth ‘Worth It’ album artwork