Is “pop metal” a thing? For Major Moment it is! The Boston-based band recently dropped their latest single, “Toxic,” ahead of their upcoming full-length, The Pain That Makes Us Grow.

Commenting on the song, the band states:

“The song was actually inspired by one of our followers on social media, who was being a little bit too impatient with our release schedule, saying things like ‘don’t you have other songs?’ while we indeed had about an album’s worth of songs out and ‘how many times are you gonna post about this song’ right after we just released a new single. Then he just disappeared. This made us think about the impact social media consumption trends can have on artists and creators, forcing them to produce as much content as frequently as possible to stay relevant and to grow. But is it done at the cost of compromising on quality, or even worse, creator’s mental health? Then we just wrote the song through the metaphor of being in a toxic romantic relationship, something almost everyone is familiar with.”

Boston-based alternative metal Major Moment is known for their intense and cinematic sound that blends heavy guitar riffs, modern production, and melodic vocals. What sets them apart is their unique use of both male and female clean and extreme vocals that create a harmonious blend of contrasting styles. The band draws inspiration from their personal experiences to create music that speaks to their listeners and encourages them to pursue their dreams and live a life of purpose. Their emotionally-charged performances and innovative sound have gained them a dedicated fan base and established them as an exciting and rising force in the heavy music scene.

Since the release of their debut EP in 2018, Major Moment prove to be the band that dreams big and puts in the hard work to earn it. Having recently performed on Monster Stage of Blue Ridge Rock Festival with Skillet, Breaking Benjamin, Rise Against, Five Finger Death Punch, etc. and has already released two EPs, five standalone singles, six music videos, four reimagined tracks, an album of remixes, The Pain That Makes Us Grow, the band’s debut full-length album is set for release in late 2023, and is available for pre-order now on CDs and vinyl.

Major Moment ‘Toxic’ album artwork
Major Moment ‘Toxic’ album artwork

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