One of life’s great lessons that becomes evident as you grow older is that you gotta do the work, and that’s Kristen Rae Bowden’s sentiment exactly with her brand new single “Marry Me Once.” It’s not about other people; it’s about you carrying your own load and being the captain of your ship.

The song is both gripping and emotional, displaying Bowden’s confessional, openhearted vocal style and a rather Slash-like guitar solo that soars right above the sky with its towering grace and elegance.

Elaborating on the song’s context and what inspired her to consider this topic, Bowden says:

“This song is about carrying your own emotional burden and not asking others to do the tough work for you of getting to really know yourself and love yourself. When I wrote this song I’d been noticing how common it is for people to covertly expect their partners to do this work for them. I’ve been that person myself, and it’s bad for everyone involved. You can’t fill your own emotional void with someone else’s love. That won’t get you through.”

“Marry Me Once” is part of a series of singles Bowden has been releasing lately, a set of tracks revolving around the rivalry between conscious and subconscious memories in your mind. Her songs very much come from the heart, which may sound clichéd, but they come from a very personal place where she feels a lot of strife within herself between her mind and her heart.

Bowden approaches songwriting from a very positive, meaningful point of view, seeing it as a forum for turning bad into good. She can have a difficult or unpleasant experience and flip it around, moulding it into a worthwhile artistic endeavour, which also doubles as a learning experience. It’s a confessional style but in something of a theatrical presentation, with some truly gripping moments. As she states, she takes all of her “problems to the piano,” which you can hear within the intensity and passion Boden brings towards playing the instrument. And all the while, within all of the passion and the fervour, she is having a great time, playing her music and staying true to herself.

Kristen Rae Bowden “Marry Me Once” single artwork
Kristen Rae Bowden “Marry Me Once” single artwork