With just the right amount of new wave and just the right amount of pop, Jupe Jupe emerge with their brand new single “World is Fire.” The song’s release comes a short while ahead of the April 14th drop of the band’s all-new studio record Midnight Waits for No One via No-Count Records.

Since forming in 2010, the Seattle-based quartet has found a way to competently and exceptionally take the sounds of the 1980s and make them sound current within the structure and climate of today’s pop music. As you’ll soon discover on Midnight Waits for No One, the songs feel classic and in line with that era when darkwave was prominent, but the hooks and the beats, as well as singer My Young’s impressive vocal style, make this all sound contemporary, within the setting of today’s indie and electronic pop.

Describing in depth the background and writing process behind the song, the band states:

“Like everything on Midnight Waits for No One, ‘World Is Fire’ was written, rehearsed, and recorded during the pandemic. There was a lot of isolation in quarantine, and many nights we found ourselves to be the only band at the rehearsal complex, a strange place when quiet. We’d work on tunes, then go out to the empty parking lot under the guise of ‘truck beers,’ but really, just enjoying the privilege of comradery. The pandemic shook things. It brought sorrow with the lives it took on a level too big to process. It brought hope in the movement of a long overdue racial healing. But these are big things on scale: global things, worldly things. And in our lonely parking lot, sometimes, there was too much to speculate on and we’d drift to more local things like the bands and clubs we knew and loved that weren’t going to make it through without shows to play.

“We’re hesitant to say what ‘World Is Fire’ means to us for fear that it could rob a listener of what it might mean to them. But it’s got parts of everything mentioned above. It is safe to say that ‘World Is Fire’ comes at the end of this record for a reason. Sometimes, when a good fight has been fought, the folks left standing are not gifted with wins, or losses, or even wisdom, but simply with acceptance and the chance to move on.

They conclude: “‘World Is Fire’ was the second song demoed, but the last song recorded. With Evan Foster at No-Count Studios, we tried for this one to be a rough-up with vintage Ludwig drums and jazz bass through a 60-dollar 1984 Fender amp, Tele, and Strat crackle with acoustic guitar, along with layers of alto and bari sax, shakers, handclaps; Moog, Virus, and Jupiter 6 synths; we had a U87 mic on the lead vocal with an RE20 on the double. On the mixing console, Matt Bayles (of Minus the Bear) brought this all to the life we hear now.”

Over the course of their tenure, Jupe Jupe has been quite prolific in terms of releasing music, so when the pandemic came along, it suddenly slowed things down and allowed the band to hunker down and focus on recording their best music without the worry and stress of having to play live.

As a result of those recording conditions, it did influence the subject matter present throughout Midnight Waits for No One, with some more gloomy vibes and ideas offset by themes of hope and escapism. The band members spent two years getting this record just right, and as you’ll soon find out, it stands out as some of their best work ever.

Jupe Jupe ‘Midnight Waits For No One’ album artwork
Jupe Jupe ‘Midnight Waits For No One’ album artwork