For bands that begin more like solo projects, there comes a time when they forge a more complete sound, and Gilda House has proudly achieved that on their new EP Be Edise. The band has been rolling along with a steady flow of new music, including “Give Me Some,” which V13 helped premiere last fall.

Initially the solo project of lead singer and songwriter Meg Gildehaus, Be Edise is Gilda House’s finest accomplishment as a trio, featuring six new distinct and impressive tracks that tie together a diverse range of influences, like indie-pop, synth-wave, and trip-hop into one united, comprehensive sound. This is the band firing on all cylinders, the most cohesive display of music-making they have ever put out there.

Discussing and dissecting the album, Gildenhaus says:

Be Edise is the culmination of a twelve-song saga I started writing in 2020 where I faced myself and actively asked, why do I feel so afraid and stressed out all the time? On the other side of the record, I still manage this overwhelm (don’t we all?), but I can say making and sharing these songs helps me reckon with myself and our world. It’s kind of a road map for remembering how to heal when I get lost in the noise and I hope I can share that with you.

“The first half of this adventure was released as AB Side A in April of 2021 and it’s a cathartic release to be here, again, on the cusp of spring blooming and sharing Be Edise to complete the journey. Both AB Side A and Be Edise expanded Gilda House and I look forward to continued evolution in the future.

“Through AB Side A, the band began finding our live sound and who we are on stage. Through Be Edise, my writing and studio experience grew from being me on a laptop in my home to include multiple collaborations in a legitimate studio and having Alex Newport mix these songs, bringing them together in such a dynamic, expressive, and beautiful textured way. I am proud of Be Edise and very excited to share it with you on the stage and in your headphones! Let’s go.”

In contrast to 2021’s AB: Side A, Be Edise is a more personal adventure for Gildenhaus, a record about taking action and creating meaning by looking within oneself. It’s a particularly meaningful time for Gildenhaus as an artist and a young woman trying to define herself in an intimidating, flawed society. All six songs feel purposeful, each standing apart from the other, with some credit for that going to Grammy-nominated producer Alex Newport who helped mix the record. What ties these tracks together is the notion that meaning and purpose can be derived from our decisions, no matter how large or small. These decisions give us a sense of purpose and can act as our guide toward progress, change, and, most of all, meaning.

Be Edise Track Listing:

1. Give Me Some
2. Water
3. Secrets
4. When It Is Raining
5. Shine A Light
6. Be Edise

Gilda House ‘Be Edise’ EP album artwork
Gilda House ‘Be Edise’ EP album artwork