We all like our singles to be nice and snappy so, against everyone’s better judgment, Californian Indie-rock group Fellow Robot are releasing the sprawling 9-minute song “Poppy Fields” to further tease their upcoming cinematic album Misanthropioid.

Lead singer Anthony Pedroza explains, “It’s 9 minutes and 46 seconds I’ll have you know. We fully own that it’s a long song, but it’s got 3 cool sections, starts quiet but ends with this riff barrage our label guy keeps calling ‘wizard walk-on music’.”

“It’s totally wizard walk-on music. Literally, what are you guys doing?” asked JR Gast from Seattle’s Salish Sea Records, who is helping release the band’s album through Tonequake Records.

The origins of Fellow Robot are not abandoned as lead singer Pedroza’s novel has been adapted to a graphic novel, its first chapter out now through Donut Sounds Record Co. based out of Seattle. The comic book has been beautifully illustrated by Josh Wolf and features lyrics from Fellow Robot’s previous musical releases.

Fellow Robot Comic Book Artwork
Fellow Robot Comic Book Artwork

For Misanthropioid, Fellow Robot has teamed up with Andrew Scheps (Green Day, RHCP, Adele, Metallica, Hozier, Johnny Cash) who helped co-produce and mix the album from his home studio ‘Punkerpad’ in Titton, UK.

Scheps joined the team during the peak of the pandemic in 2020 and over the course of two years helped the band complete the album remotely.

Fellow Robot’s latest album will be released through Scheps’ own ToneQuake Records and you can pre-order your copy here.


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