Barely anyone’s ascension towards success is easy, and that is undoubtedly true of Devon Thompson, who today unveils her brand new single “Napoleon.” But things are quickly starting to fall into place for this young singer, songwriter, and guitar player extraordinaire. She may have landed on your radar recently with the release of her well-received last single, “Soft Like Water.” “Napoleon” is the follow-up to that single, another jam from the latest signing from Gibson Guitars, a blistering new song about unreturned affection and someone who continuously punishes you for not reciprocating their feelings.

The subject matter certainly aligns with where Thompson situates herself as a young, growing artist, someone who, for much of her life, has felt like an outsider. She was bullied and picked on throughout her childhood, but rather than beat her down, she’s used it to build herself up. This is her reply to the naysayers, her defiance, and her statement to the world.

Offering her point of view on her new single, Devon Thompson tells us:

“‘Napoleon,’ an ode to blocking toxic, soul-sucking people from your life. It’s that ‘final straw’ before hexing an unrequited love. The song came together fast and hard, as if it was ready to be written. The pieces of the song came together with passionate ease. The recording itself was done live, and it was an electrifying process.”

As evidenced by Gibson Guitars’ belief in her, Thompson views herself as a guitar player through and through. But using her detractors as motivation, she is becoming a talented songwriter and vocalist, a sound that is unapologetically rock n’ roll. There are many odes to the golden age of rock throughout her music, as she approaches her songwriting in a raw, simplistic fashion, using the same techniques typical of early rock artists in the ‘60s like The Beatles, The Animals, and Bill Evans.

As a guitarist, she often thinks up a little groove or riff, which builds from there. It’s a very foundational kind of songwriting, demonstrating a maturity uncommon of a person still in their early 20s. After recently wrapping up an east coast tour, followed by a stellar appearance at South-By-Southwest, Devon Thompson has some more plans for 2023 to unveil soon as she confidently and optimistically looks ahead to her future.

Devon Thompson “Napoleon” single artwork
Devon Thompson “Napoleon” single artwork