Oakland, CA blackened progressive metal band Dawn Of Ouroboros will release their upcoming second album, Velvet Incandescence, on April 21st, 2023, via Prosthetic Records. Alongside the album announcement, the band released a video for the lead single, “Rise from Disillusion,” which you can check out below.

Following the release of the video, we sat down with guitarist Tony Thomas to go behind the scenes to find out more about the video, its concept, the inspiration and the process behind it.

Who directed the video?

Tony Thomas (guitar/synths): “For our most recent video, ‘Rise from Disillusion,’ we went with our friend Karl Whinnery of Hot Karl Productions.”

Did the band have a concept in mind based on the song or was the video creator given full reign to come up with a suitable visual companion?

“We do our own visual concepts. We start with storyboarding which is usually based on what sort of visuals our imaginations come up with from listening to the song, from there we figure out what props we need to get or make. During the filling, we set up each scene with the videographer so he can make sure the lighting and shots look professional. After filming, we let him edit all the scenes together in a way that he felt was best for the song.”

Where was it made?

“The band performance shots we filmed in a photo studio in Portland, OR. While the story segments we mostly filmed on my property, or the surrounding woods.”

What was your favourite part behind the creation of the video?

“I would say this is true for all the videos we’ve done for the band, but really it’s coming up with the ideas and figuring out how to make them work in reality. Due to budgeting and tools available to us, this can sometimes be extremely low tech, which allows for a great deal of creativity to make it work.”

Based on how this one was made, are you looking forward to doing another?

“Absolutely. This was our third music video, and we filmed our fourth in parallel. The fourth will be released in the near future. But it is always an extremely rewarding creative process.”

What are some of your favourite music videos? What about when you were growing up?

“Generally, I enjoy videos that make the attempt to be more “artsy” with what they are doing. I’m not really big on actually having a linear story for the video as if one were making a movie. Some of the bands that have put out videos I’ve taken inspiration from are the post-metal bands Oathbreaker, and Obscure Sphinx, or even someone like Bjork. As for when I was growing up, I grew up in the 90s, so there were much larger budgets for music videos at the time. I would say I always found bands like Tool or Nine Inch Nails to release videos I found the most interesting.”

Dawn of Ouroborous “Velvet Incandescence” Album Artwork
Dawn of Ouroborous “Velvet Incandescence” Album Artwork

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever had to do or seen being done during the making of a music video?

“Since I come up with most of the stranger ideas. I always take it on myself to do the more uncomfortable things. For example, I’ve covered myself completely in mud, gone neck deep in 30-degree water, and filled my mouth with zinc screws.”

What should a music video set out to accomplish? Do you feel like yours did that?

“In my opinion, it really depends on the goals of the band. For us, though, we just try to create visuals that represent the vibe of the music. We don’t typically use the lyrics to come up with the scenes ideas.”

If money was no issue, what would be in your perfect video?

“I wouldn’t say there are any particular concepts I would want in a video based on budget. There are a few movie directors who I would love to be involved in making a video with. For example, Panos Cosmatos who directed the movies Beyond the Black Rainbow, and Mandy. Or Denis Villeneuve, who directed Blade Runner 2049, and Dune. Obviously, either of them would cost insane money to work with, but one can dream.”

Is a well-made DIY video just as good or beneficial as a professionally made/directed video?

“Yes, well-made DIY videos are just as beneficial as a professionally made one. In my opinion, all that matters is that the musicians are able to create a video that represents the vibe of the band in the way they want the band to be represented visually.”

High-quality lyric video, live video, cinematic music video… What’s your preferred format and why?

“Definitely cinematic style videos. Listening to music is an experience that is very visual to me, and it is important to try and share what I imagine when hearing our song with others.”

Tour Dates:

04/21 – Thee Parkside – San Francisco, CA
04/22 – Supply and Demand – Los Angeles, CA
04/23 – Til Two Club – San Diego, CA
04/24 – Yucca – Phoenix, AZ
04/25 – Kilby Court – Salt Lake City, UT
04/26 – The Shredder – Boise, ID
04/27 – The Plaid Pig – Tacoma, WA
04/28 – Substation – Seattle, WA
04/29 – Mano Oculta – Portland, OR

Dawn Of Ouroboros release Velvet Incandescence on April 21st through Prosthetic Records and you can pre-order your copy here.

Dawn Of Ouroboros 2023 Tour Artwork
Dawn Of Ouroboros 2023 Tour Artwork

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