“The Blazy Susan Rolling Tray is the rolling tray I’ve always wanted. I just didn’t know it!” That is a direct quote from the man who is supposed to be writing this review. But instead of him, it’s me. I’m stealing this quote from him, just like I stole his Blazy Susan Rolling Tray.

The Blazy Susan is a toker’s dream come true. I intended the aforementioned to be a gift from my girlfriend and me, to him to celebrate the legalization of recreational Marijuana in Missouri as of February 3, 2023. When he stopped by the day we intended to present it to him, he couldn’t stop talking about how cool my new Blazy Susan Rolling Tray was, and I was caught up in the hype.

He pointed out how the wood grain finish matched our coffee table and, if I can steal another quote (this time from “The Dude”), it “really tied the room together.” His nonstop chatter about all the potential it had to hold hash and dabs, create a space to roll with ease and even keep our drinks nearby made me totally forget to tell him it was his. Instead, we spent the next couple of hours trying out all these accessories.

The pipe cleaner in the ashtray is an awesome touch. Almost as cool as the fact that my Blazy Susan Rolling Tray spins. Like John Cena’s WWE title belt, but I digress. It’s not just the novelty of it spinning, though the novelty of it will never EVER wear off. The fact that it spins accommodates my smoking routine. You see…my girlfriend cannot roll a joint, but she does like to be a part of the routine, so she will gladly break up some flower for me to roll up. However, the handoff of the primitive rolling tray often did not go smoothly, resulting in precious bud being spilled. Major party foul. With our new Blazy Susan Rolling Tray, incidents like that are a thing of the past.

Now, we can partake together with nothing but love. She loves my perfectly rolled joints, and I love her willingness to be a team player. After she breaks up the flower, she gives our Blazy Susan a little spin-a-roonie and I take care of my part. In mere moments, we are burning down another tasty Jay. Is it as funny as we think it is? Probably not. But will we laugh about it every time she spins that Blazy Susan Rolling Tray and MJ comes my way? Oh, you betcha. This Blazy Susan Rolling Tray has even brought more joy into our relationship! Wow! The Blazy Susan Rolling Tray… is there anything it can’t do?

Someday, we will tell our friend that this Blazy Susan Rolling Tray (our Blazy Susan Rolling Tray) was supposed to be his. Maybe around Christmas, when he opens one of his own.

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