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Anaïs Cardot Releases Vulnerable New Track “Can’t Explain”

In her new hit “Can’t Explain,” Anaïs Cardot struggles to express how she feels to someone she is falling head over heels for.



Anaïs Cardot

Easily capturing the ears of fans on an international scale, singer-songwriter Anaïs Cardot has gained an authentic following of listeners who enjoy her soothing, multilingual tracks influenced by some of the musical greats. Vocalists like Ella Fitzgerald and Portuguese guitarist Joao Gilberto have had a heavy hand in their musical influence as well as her family’s musicality.

In her new hit “Can’t Explain,” Cardot struggles to express how she feels to someone she is falling head over heels for. The feelings of fear and uncertainty are relatable, capturing the very essence of what it is like to freeze up when met with something you so badly want.

“Days and days, I wait, Not a word today, today / Nothing to explain, Makes me uncertain” ~ “Can’t Explain”

Anaïs Cardot’s songwriting centers around topics like self-love, mental health and consistent wrestling with sadness. Audiences from her current home in Ottawa, Canada, to the United States, France, her birthplace in Gabon and more are fully engaged with a universally relatable message during what have proven to be very trying times. From birth, she has fought Arthrogryposis, a disease that was said to prohibit her from walking, talking, and even sitting. A condition characterized by a generalized lack in the newborn of muscular development and growth, Cardot has overcome adversity, brilliantly finding virality and truth in her music.

The French-Gabonese singer-songwriter has received high praises from culture-shifters like Masego and PJ Morton, who have enjoyed her angelic voice’s rendition of beloved covers as well as gracefully written original work. And as we near her graduation from Canada’s Ottawa University, we gear up for her highly anticipated debut EP Pink Magnolia, set to release in the summer of 2023.