Swedish gothic rock act Scheitan is back following a 24-year hiatus since the band’s Nemesis album, which was released via Century Media Records in 1999. The new single “Lost in Time” digs even deeper into the gothic vibe that was present on Nemeis and is dedicated to the people of Ukraine.

Listen to “Lost in Time” now (in 2 formats: Demo version and final version mixed by Daniel Bergstrand (DugOut Sturdio) via Spotify or any other digital streaming platform. The single will be also available via Scheitan’s Bandcamp and The Circle Music Bandcamp.

Scheitan has signed to The Circle Music for the release of their comeback album, which is scheduled for 2024. Further information is to be announced soon.

Pierre Törnkvist, Scheitan mastermind, comments:

“I had a really tough time deciding what to do with this track. First I was looking for a new project name but as time passed by I realised this had to be presented under the Scheitan-banner as it was so close musically to what was presented on ”Nemesis” except for the vocals, which was the last piece missing.

“The song is dedicated to the people of Ukraine. I wrote the lyrics for the song as the Russian tanks entered into the suburbs of Kyiv. Myself being a father I spent a lot of time thinking about having to take the decision to leave everyone and everything you love for a higher cause. I also thought a lot about all the Ukrainian soldiers who went to the frontlines, leaving their loved ones to face death. The lyrics say “I have been turning down the things I have desired”, the desire of most people is just to be with the ones they love – the ultimate sacrifice is to give all that up in exchange for the freedom and safety of other people.

“We played with Helltrain in Kyiv in 2011, both before and after the show we made friends for life. I will never forget the warmth and kindness of the Ukrainian people,I highly doubt that I will ever experience such a concert again.”

Artwork for the single “Lost in Time” by Scheitan
Artwork for the single “Lost in Time” by Scheitan

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