With all of those deadlines and commitments you’re facing, we’ve entrusted Richard Raymond II to bring a little sauciness to lighten up the day with his new single “Dease Nuts.” You may be laughing at the song title, and that’s an entirely appropriate reaction for what singer and songwriter Rick Sniegowski hopes to accomplish with his new project. Sniegowski is best known for being the leader of Lime Forest, a psych-rock band whose Big Hits album we premiered back in the fall of 2020.

Recording as Richard Raymond II puts the focus on his work as a producer, joining together a diverse sound inspired by his more recent interest in ambient, IDM, world, and jazz music. It all helped drive the direction of this solo project which is much more lo-fi than the polished sound of Lime Forest. He’s currently finalizing the release of the debut Richard Raymond II album, Glimmers.

Discussing “Dease Nuts” and the origins of its cheeky lyrics, Sniegowski states:

“‘Dease Nuts’ is a cheeky but honest lo-fi tune that may be the only tune ever that features me rapping. I was been listening to a lot of Mac Miller at the time and making beats, and for this one I quickly came up with lyrics and banged out the verse in one take. It sat for years, but always seemed to be a favourite of my friends. Honestly, with their reactions, I felt like I had no choice but to include it on Glimmers.

“As for the lyrics, I went over 13 months without having sex, hence the hook, ‘It’s been ten months since these dease nuts been touched.’ Ten sounded better than 13. Anyway, I was smoking lots of spliffs at the time, which I began to feel in my chest, making it difficult for me to sing in a way that I was previously accustomed to. I remember being in an overall gloomy state, but feeling impressed at my first attempt at spitting some bars. I was really just messing around!”

Originally from Chicago but now residing in Colorado Springs, Sniegowski spends his time primarily doing audio production and engineering. As an artist himself, he has primarily focused on just being a home recording artist, maintaining a DIY focus, and that is endearing in its no-nonsense approach. That’s the way he spearheaded Lime Forest since that project began in 2016, and he’s maintained it for Richard Raymond II, while also opening his mind up to the broader range of music listed above.

Glimmers is an electronic-focused record that Sniegowski wrote, recorded, engineered, mixed, and mastered almost entirely independently. He is currently finalizing the album, which means you’ll soon be getting a complete idea of just what Richard Raymond II is all about.

Glimmers Track Listing:

1. Cooler
2. Dease Nuts
3. Another Side of Ranch
4. Emotive
5. Feels Like Falling
6. O1 It
7. Moe Dew
8. Radi Tala
9. Luffy Style (ft. DJ High Fashion Trash)
10. Off the Cuff
11. Rix Rio Radio

Richard Raymond II "Dease Nuts" single artwork
Richard Raymond II “Dease Nuts” single artwork
Richard Raymond II ‘Glimmers’ album artwork
Richard Raymond II ‘Glimmers’ album artwork

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