New York City-based indie outfit Noshows unveils their new single/lyric video, “Tired Eyes,” a catchy pop-rock song written and produced by Max Satow, mixed by Seth Von Paulus, and mastered by Leon Zervos.

Frontman Max Satow explains:

“‘Tired Eyes’ is a song about excess and using vices, like partying, to escape without the awareness of one’s mental health or the outside world. I created an upbeat yet dark atmosphere in the instrumental to illustrate the bittersweet nature of the song concept. Everyone’s dancing and seemingly having fun but there’s an underlying feeling of escapism there.”

A solo act up until February 2022, Noshows expanded to a full band, allowing for a bigger, more complex sound. Satow’s lyrics often delve into veiled corners of human consciousness, shining a light on bumps and gouges of the soul.

Opening on dramatic, emerging tones, “Tired Eyes” flows into a pushing, buoyant rhythm topped by leitmotifs surging with vibrant energy, merging elements of indie-pop with hints of pop-punk. Satow’s vocals, rich and smooth, convey an alluring dreaminess as if looking out from a fantasy world.

Suffused with retro tangs from the ’000s, “Tired Eyes” fizzes with pop-rock-laced surfaces riding a propulsive, infectious tempo.

Artwork for the single “Tired Eyes” by Noshows
Artwork for the single “Tired Eyes” by Noshows