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Manchester Orchestra – “Capital Karma” [Song Review]

Manchester Orchestra’s newest single, “Capital Karma,” is a tender ballad which successfully displays many of the band’s strengths, using a minimal yet impactful arraignment.



Artwork for the album ‘The Valley Of Vision’ by Manchester Orchestra

Atlanta-based band, Manchester Orchestra, has released their latest single, “Capital Karma,” which serves as the first track off of the band’s newly announced album, The Valley of Vision, a record that will double as an immersive virtual reality experience.

The tender ballad successfully displays many of the band’s strengths, using a minimal yet impactful arraignment. The delicate tearjerker makes effective use of its spaciousness. Arpeggiated piano chords provide the foundation for singer Andy Hull’s voice to take centre stage.

“All I wanna do is wait for you,” Hull refrains. There is a complicated and nuanced relationship that is being reflected upon. “Am I losing my patience, I feel it / I’m afraid that you know, you can see it / Let me stand by the door, let me breathe in/ I forgave myself, so forgivе yourself.” A pivotal and cathartic bridge evolves into a goosebump-inducing arraignment of vocal harmonies. “I’m not trying to stand in the way/I’m in love with whoеver you are/Nothing here is gonna take that away/It is you and it’s been from the start.”

When referring to the process of creating the new album, Hull says: “Making The Valley Of Vision was an exciting idea of what the future could be for us in terms of how we create,” also noting, “None of these songs were written with the band being in the same room in a live setting. They were really like science experiments that started from the bottom and were added to gradually over time. We’re intrigued by doing things the wrong way, or attempting things we haven’t done before and getting inspired by them.”

Directed by Isaac Deitz, the VR film will debut on the band’s YouTube channel on March 9th.

Manchester Orchestra’s upcoming album, The Valley of Vision, will be released digitally on March 10th via Loma Vista Records. Physical copies of the record are expected to hit the shelves on April 7th.

Run Time: 3:35
Release Date: February 23, 2023
Record Label: Loma Vista Recordings