Jeremy Facknitz Premieres His “There’s No Going Home Again” (ft. Serenity Holloway) Music Video

Jeremy Facknitz premieres the music video for his brand-new single “There’s No Going Home Again” featuring Serenity Holloway.



The only real constant in life is change, and Jeremy Facknitz has got some thoughts on this topic with his brand-new single “There’s No Going Home Again.” Today we unveil the song’s accompanying music video, a fun DIY-themed clip that Fachnitz shot himself. It features his bandmates and the wonderfully talented singer Serenity Holloway, who lends her brilliant vocals to this track. Holloway is best known for her role as the lead singer of the Air Force Pop Band, and she really adds a certain sense of soul and power to the song.

Now based in Colorado Springs, Facknitz recently revisited his hometown. When he began to reexperience the sights and surroundings of his youth, he felt dismayed at some of the changes he was seeing. But rather than allow his ego, own personal cynicism, and negativity get in the way, he had the clarity of mind to realize that just as his hometown had changed, he had changed too, so perhaps he should get off his high horse and chill out before he starts just throwing out judgements on everything.

There’s an interesting story behind the music video, and here to tell us about it is Facknitz, who states:

“I was visiting my wife’s family in Belleville, Illinois, when I was struck with the idea for a visual to ‘There’s No Going Home Again.’

“My mother-in-law has a shed in her backyard that resembles a tiny house. Near the door, there hangs a sign my wife’s grandfather made, which reads ‘Little House On No Street.’ I was instantly reminded of the lyric, ‘you’re the only thing that doesn’t really fit.’ I saw myself coming ‘home’ to this ridiculously small shack and inviting the whole band over to join me, only to find the space woefully inadequate.”

He concludes, saying:

“While the outdoor scenes were obviously shot in Belleville, the indoor action was captured in my studio in Colorado Springs. We had a lot of fun. I had no idea my bandmates were such characters.”

Artwork for the single “There’s No Going Home Again” (feat. Serenity Holloway) by Jeremy Facknitz

“There’s No Going Home Again” is the second single to come from Facknitz’s brand new studio album Smilin’ At The Future, which will be released on March 31st. This is the singer-songwriter’s sixth proper album of original material, a unison of rock, jazz, and Americana. Featuring ten new songs, Facknitz gets serious about modern-day issues that are of importance to him, most notably the state of confusion in which we survive.

The record is something of a commentary on modern life, including our political dystopia, our successes and failures, and the age of doubt in which we live. We proceed clinging to our hopes and dreams for the future but with major doubts about whether they will actually be realized. It’s a message that will no doubt connect with listeners holding many of the same fears and reservations.

Smilin’ at the Future Track Listing:

1. Destiny
2. As of this Morning
3. Michigan (Something in the Water)
4. There’s no Going Home Again (ft. Serenity Holloway)
5. Broad Strokes (ft. Edie Carey)
6. Smilin’ at the Future
7. Ste. Genevieve
8. Lay it on Me
9. Come Alive
10. Unsung

Tour Dates:

03/25 @ Lulu’s Downstairs, Manitou Springs, Colorado
03/30 @ Studio 901 House Concerts, Lawrence, Kansas
03/31 @ The Tasty Brew LIVE on KKFI 90.1FM, Kansas City, Missouri
04/01 @ Bloody Mary Morning @ Mike Kelly’s Westsider, Kansas City, Missouri
04/02 @ Unity of Lawrence, Lawrence, KS
04/08 @ Blue at Red Gravy, Colorado Springs, Colorado
04/14 @ Buffalo Lodge Bicycle Resort, Colorado Springs, Colorado
05/05 @ Montgomery Court House Concerts, Mt. Vernon, Washington
05/06 @ Hackett’s House Concerts, Squamish, British Columbia
06/02 @ The Leadership Center, Aurora, Nebraska
06/03 @ North Platte Community Playhouse, North Platte, Nebraska
06/14 @ Manitou Springs Library Concert Series, Manitou Springs, Colorado
06/28 @ Concerts In The Park, Monument, Colorado
06/29 @ Discovery Park Summer Concerts, Parker, Colorado

Artwork for the album ‘Smilin’ at the Future’ by Jeremy Facknitz


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