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Francisco Martin Unveils His Gorgeous “Passenger Princess” Music Video

In the gorgeous sunlit music video for his latest single, “Passenger Princess,” singer-songwriter Francisco Martin finds the beauty in life that is all around him.



Francisco Martin, photo by Nick Sarpa

In the gorgeous sunlit music video for his latest single, “Passenger Princess,” singer-songwriter Francisco Martin finds the beauty in life that is all around him – a relaxing morning on the beach; an easeful afternoon making art; and a relaxed drive on the PCH, with nothing but the sun and your lover’s hand in yours. Unable to contain his outright joy as he strips down and celebrates the excitement of new love, Martin translates his soulful, vibrant, and electric new single into a visual representation of true contentment and happiness.

Martin comments:

“The ‘Passenger Princess’ music video is about sharing a connection with the person you really like. There’s always a push and pull in relationships, but having a connection with someone can be very inspiring and they can even become a muse, like in the video. I wanted it to show pure fun, joy, warmth, and positivity. It was really fun to play a painter in this, because in some ways, it’s very similar to being a musician. Both are artists, so while I was acting it still felt authentic to me. Also, I’m intrigued by new technology and was excited to incorporate AI into this video because it shows how far we can take music videos in 2023 and do things now that weren’t possible not long ago!”

On the heels of his breakthrough EP Manic, which found dreamy falsetto and robust belting serving as conduits for conversations about mental health, relationships, angst, and human disconnection, this lullaby for the long-distance driver shows us a different side of Francisco—softer, more sensitive–where pleasure and happiness as the highest good is your crush’s feet on your dashboard.

Paying obvious homage to the viral internet trend of girls who don’t drive but get driven spoiledly, life is viewed through a wide-angle lens—cinematic landscapes of sunsets and the PCH. Whereas Francisco’s sophomore EP contains starkly unapologetic and unafraid chronicling, “Passenger Princess” is a tapestry of TikTok that includes aesthetic hedonism and mesmerizing melodies that make you want to go for a drive just because. The lyricism takes pages out of the Urban Dictionary, making a meme into music.

Martin adds:

“‘Passenger Princess’ brings timely joy to the table when you didn’t ask for it. Its free, radical-like soundscape and subtle pull for attention bridges the gap between my influences of indie rock and soul.”

Francisco Martin “Passenger Princess” single artwork

Francisco Martin “Passenger Princess” single artwork

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