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Cliffs + Caves Release Thought-Provoking Single “Mint Gum”

The Alt-Americana track grounds listeners to reality, delivering a powerful message to find solace in tangible relationships.



Cliffs + Caves

Cliffs + Caves transports listeners to a spacious soundscape in their newest single, “Mint Gum,” featuring David Ramirez. With an alt-Americana sound that is uniquely their own yet reminiscent of Lake Street Dive and Phoebe Bridgers, the duo’s new single is an emotional track with a powerful message. Amidst a vast expanse of misinformation and conspiracy theories, listeners can ground themselves in a tangible reality with “Mint Gum.”

At the core of the song is a profound message that expresses deep concern about the oversaturation of misinformation in our time. In “Mint Gum,” Cliffs + Caves explores the impact of conspiracy theories in today’s society and offers a heartfelt solution. It can be challenging to distinguish fabrication from fact. As doubt persists, it becomes even more difficult to discern what to build our personal beliefs around. However, the riveting track encourages listeners to find solace in the tangible relationships they have with their loved ones. The song serves as a powerful reminder that the love, care, heartbreak, sympathy, sadness, and joy we have for each other is what bond us together and creates concrete connections.

“Mint Gum” showcases the seamless vocal interplay of Cliffs + Caves and David Ramirez, whose distinct styles blend effortlessly to deliver the song’s thought-provoking lyrics. A mesmerizing fusion of retro keyboards, punchy drums, atmospheric leads, and expressive guitars gives the song a cinematic quality that is both captivating and evocative. The production quality of “Mint Gum” is an indication of the band’s commitment to creating an engaging listening experience, with every instrument and melody manufactured to enhance the overall sound of the track.

The duo’s newer music further explores their ability to portray life through lyrics as they evolve into a more alternative Maggie-Rogers-esque sound while still maintaining their Americana roots and drawing inspiration from benchmark artists like Phoebe Bridgers, Lake Street Dive, and Patty Griffin. With love for writing songs and performing them live, Cliffs + Caves is thrilled to be releasing new music, which they will be playing at a variety of upcoming shows in 2023! Stay tuned!

“Mint Gum” by Cliffs + Caves