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Chris Bloom’s New Single “Peace of Mind” is Loaded with Unconditional Love

Chris Bloom just released his pop single, “Peace of Mind,” a song about loving someone unconditionally despite their flaws.



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Chris Bloom just released his pop single, “Peace of Mind,” now available on all platforms. A song about loving someone unconditionally despite their flaws, “Peace of Mind,” details Bloom’s experience with overcoming challenges and mistakes in a relationship.

After a relationship has been tainted by arguments and animosity, a couple must decide if they want to continue to be together. The peace of mind inspired the song that a couple feels after reaching that crossroads and realizing that whether they choose to separate or be together, they will always have love and respect for one another.

With a background as a singer, songwriter, and producer, Chris Bloom uses his extensive knowledge of music creation to formulate a distinct sound for himself in his new single. The song features rhythmic guitars, raw lyrics, harmonious background vocals, and groovy drums. Bloom has a bright, airy quality to his vocals that lead him to be compared to John Mayer, Justin Bieber, and Kid Laroi.

Chris Bloom holds a fluidity in genres and production. From his first two singles, “Learning Curve” and “Petals,” to his latest 2020 EP CAFÉ, his sound has ranged from r&b and hip-hop to pop and acoustic influences. Bloom grew up in a household where all types of music were celebrated. This, and being a self-taught singer, musician and producer, has allowed him to be a comfortable writer with a distinct voice. He has performed on two North American tours and one Australian tour with Scotty Sire, Sonreal, and Bruce Weigner.

"Peace of Mind" by Chris Bloom

“Peace of Mind” by Chris Bloom