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Carissa Johnson Premieres Her Engaging “Middle of Nowhere” Music Video

Carissa Johnson premieres the video for her single “Middle of Nowhere,” featured on her 2021 album ‘Blue Hour.’ Connect with the video to learn how to unplug.



Carissa Johnson, photo by Michelle LoBianco

Although it’s a popular saying, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to “ignore the noise,” yet, Carissa Johnson is giving it her best shot with her new single “Middle of Nowhere.” The song is featured on her 2021 album Blue Hour, and fortunately for her fanbase, she has come through with a nice little music/lyric video mashup.

In line with her frank, open, and honest approach to her art, the lyrics explore the idea of getting away from the hectic nature of our lives within a complex society where we can disconnect, both literally and figuratively. It’s a concept that has become increasingly relevant through the pandemic era, and even if you disagree, you can probably at least appreciate the sentiment Johnson is pursuing.

Explaining the background behind “Middle of Nowhere” and her experience in writing it, Johnson comments:

“This song was originally written as a folk acoustic song, and I’ve always dubbed it ‘my campfire song.’ It’s about wanting to start anew, away from cell reception and somewhere inside nature. That has always been really healing and inspiring to me, being out in the mountains and feeling small and like anything is possible.

“I attempted to make a campfire once with just a lighter and it was a really funny experience, and I realized it wasn’t even about making the fire it was just about spending time with the people or person you love that makes the experience worthwhile.”

She continues:

“I was trying to manifest a new beginning with this song and was recalling that experience and imagining what it’d be like to escape to the woods and just spend time, and be fully present, away from all the noise. The song was produced and engineered by Benny Grotto at Mad Oak Studios in Allston, Massachusetts and was mastered by Jeff Lipton and Maria Rice at Peerless Mastering in Boston. It features Lukas Kattar on guitar and Willoughby Morse on drums.”

Boston is where it all got started for Johnson, but thanks to her dedication and hard work, her career has taken her far beyond just her local roots. Since 2017, she has taken her band on the road all over America, having the good fortune of playing in over 35 states. Within Boston, she and the band won the ‘New Act of the Year’ award at the Boston Music Awards in 2017. In that same year, she also won the local Rock n’ Rumble competition, following in the footsteps of previous winners like The Dresden Dolls and ‘Til Tuesday. This recognition has helped land the attention of popular artists like TORRES, Sarah Jaffe, Toth, Dorothy, Damone, Freezepop, and The Damnwells, all of whom she has opened for. After a recent move to Brooklyn last year, Johnson is looking to start a new chapter in her career, building off of the momentum she has earned over these last few years.

Tour Dates:

04/02 – Bar Freda, Queens NY
08/19 – In Between Days Festival, Quincy MA

Artwork for the album ‘Blue Hour’ by Carissa Johnson

Artwork for the album ‘Blue Hour’ by Carissa Johnson