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AUNDREY GUILLAUME. Discusses His Music, Creative Process, and Performing

Supporting his latest album ‘COLD SUMMER. A playlist (drink sum wtr),’ rapper and producer AUNDREY GUILLAUME. joins us for a chat about his music, creative process, influences, and what’s soon to come.



AUNDREY GUILLAUME, photo by Brandon Black

There’s nothing lighthearted about AUNDREY GUILLAUME. or his infectious music-making abilities. The rapper and producer just released his brand new album, COLD SUMMER. A playlist via drink sum wtr, a cultural and socially-conscious label for hip-hop and R&B artists founded early last year by Nigil Mack, formerly of Republic Records, and Sam Valenti IV, CEO and founder of Ghostly International. Like his background as an individual and a musician, Guillaume’s music is extremely diverse and unique. Each song shows a different side of him as an artist and emphasizes his abilities as so much more than just what we think of as a rapper in the traditional sense.

Guillaume is the youngest of nine children and is living proof that if you get your musical training in the church, you may actually go places. His father had him drumming in the local church band, which also included his other siblings, and it gave him a forum to develop his talents where he did not have to feel judged or intimidated. He’s now at a place where he regularly hits new creative peaks, consistently pumping out material, including his debut EP Violet, followed up last year by ENERGY.

Today we speak to the young rap artist for a quick conversation about his music, creative process, influences, and what’s soon to come for him.

How would you describe your own music?

AUNDREY GUILLAUME.: “I would say my music is a reflection of what I am currently going through in life. I like to tell a lot of personal experiences I’ve went through, and I also love to explore my imagination when creating songs and visuals.”

What is the story behind the name Aundrey Guillaume?

“So my actual real name is Cameron Aundrey Williams. I took my middle name (Aundrey) to pay homage to my late cousin who was killed before I was born, and my last name (Guillaume) is actually Williams in French.”

How would you describe your creative process?

“My creative process is I love to record myself, and I also love to work with other producers. When it comes to me creating, I really don’t like a room full of people. If anything, I love being alone more.”

Artwork for the single “zip.” by AUNDREY GUILLAUME

Artwork for the single “zip.” by AUNDREY GUILLAUME

What do you like most about creating/playing music?

“I love the creative process, or more specifically, my creative process. Over the years, I came up with my own creative process that works for me; that way, I can be efficient and comfortable when it comes to releasing new music.”

Who are your biggest influences?

“My biggest influences aren’t just because of their music, but mainly it’s the way they think. Billie Eilish, Baby Keem, Justin Bieber, H.E.R., etc….”

Who directed the “dungeon ”video?

“The amazing Brandon Black. We also have a lot more visuals on the way.”

Do you ever get stage fright? What’s your solution for it?

“I definitely always get stage fright, but in those moments, I tell myself there’s a reason why you’re here. In my opinion, in those moments, you either got it, or you don’t.”

What’s next for you?

“I have an EP on the way, and I’m currently working on my debut album. I am very excited for these opportunities to share everything that me and my team have been working on.”

What’s the best criticism you’ve ever received about your music or performance?

“The best criticism I’ve received about my music is from a producer I’ve worked with named JaytheGreat. He told me when I settle into my own sound and find my own voice is when things will change for me.”

What act would you want to tour with?

“I would love to tour with a lot of artists. Right now, I can’t give you an actual name, but just know that it’s a lot of them (smiles).”

Artwork for the album ‘COLD SUMMER. A playlist by...’ by AUNDREY GUILLAUME

Artwork for the album ‘COLD SUMMER. A playlist by…’ by AUNDREY GUILLAUME

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