Another step in the evolution of Ashlynn Malia is taking place today with the release of her deeply personal new single, “from the moon – voice memo.” The song is the third track to be released from her new EP navigating galaxies, due on March 21st. The singer-songwriter takes a stripped-down approach to this new jam, with only her haunting vocals accompanied by some light instrumentation which allows her voice to really carry the proceedings here.

The personal tone of her music really enables Malia to connect with her listening audience, and that connection is something she holds very near and dear to her heart. It’s also aided by how she records her vocals, as they are actually voice memos put to original music.

Malia hit us up with a comment about the song and her music, sharing:

“What I care about most when it comes to music is connection. I write about connection and I write to connect with people. I think that’s why releasing something as vulnerable as a collection of voice memos appeals to me (and also lowkey scares the shit out of me).

“If I’m honest about the things that I struggle with or think about, it might make someone who stumbles across my work less alone and maybe even excited that someone else shares the same thoughts they don’t always feel safe enough to talk about.”

Malia approaches songwriting with a very unique, distinctive method. She uses it as a way to understand herself and how she perceives the world at large. For her, it’s so much more than just thinking up song ideas and riding them to wherever they may take her. It’s more of a personal process that promotes self-growth and personal development.

She released her debut EP, rather be alone, in June 2021, which began to establish this introspective process which she undertakes when it comes to her work. All of the songs on that EP revolved around Malia’s experiences with social anxiety and human connection, and that theme has carried forward on navigating galaxies.

Interestingly enough, Malia first began to get noticed on TikTok. This has helped foster that personal connection with her audience. She can reach out to them whenever and from wherever with videos that are not overly polished, thought out, or perfected. She is intent on pulling down that wall between artist and listener and creating a closer bond that offers insight and perspective into her creative process.

Ashlynn Malia “from the moon - voice memo” single artwork
Ashlynn Malia “from the moon – voice memo” single artwork