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VATTICA Releases Anthemic Rock Track “BACK TO LIFE”



Today VATTICA releases their rock anthem “BACK TO LIFE.” The track harmoniously blends classic 90’s alternative and industrial influences with the soaring choruses of modern rock to tell the story of their struggles with their mental health.

Beyond the advocacy that lies in their music, VATTICA have garnered millions of views on TikTok with their videos about music, mental health, and their popular ongoing series entitled “Self Made is a Toxic Myth.” The series seeks to disrupt toxic individuality, a byproduct of capitalism and a core tenant of white supremacy, which drives the narrative of how we speak, write and think about the concept of “success” in popular music.

On “BACK TO LIFE” in particular, nonbinary queer activist and VATTICA frontperson Alexander Millar sings their heart out to empower listeners to face their own demons amidst the track’s epic musical landscape.

“BACK TO LIFE” is about mental health, specifically struggling with OCD. It’s about realizing that sometimes facing your worst fears is the only way to destroy them before they destroy you.” – Alexander Millar, VATTICA

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