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New Jersey Trio Old Friends Premiere Their Debut Self-Titled EP

New Jersey power trio Old Friends put some serious elbow grease into their self-titled début, spending over two years writing, recording, and perfecting it just to their liking.



Old Friends

When you’re working on your debut release, you essentially have as much time as you want to get it right. Old Friends took advantage of this benefit in crafting their debut self-titled EP, which they are formally unveiling in its entirety today, prior to its proper release on February 10th.

The New Jersey power trio put some serious elbow grease into this record, spending over two years writing, recording, and perfecting it just to their liking. The lockdowns and the associated pandemic obviously played something of a role in this recording timeframe, but more so, the band just wanted to make sure they were releasing something worthwhile.

Discussing how he feels about releasing the band’s debut EP, lead singer Matt Colin shares:

“The things that excite us most are the way that everything came together. This record has been years in the making. I feel like I’ve been working my whole life towards making this record. I’m excited to share this around simply because I feel like it sounds the way it always sounded in my head.

“Hopefully this record will be therapeutic en masse. I hope it changes someone’s life the way it changed mine. It might make you happy, sad, introspective, entranced.”

New York area producer Mikey Galgano was of great assistance in helping the band get this EP right, and in giving it a full listen, there’s no mistaking its impressive production qualities.

It’s not like the trio is new to any of this though. Although the band only began to come together a couple of years ago, each individual member has been well-known within their local music scenes for some time. They started off with a bang, with the release of the power punk assault “Yo! Marianne!” in 2019, before things went quiet for a while thanks to lockdowns. When they were finally able to break loose and start playing as restrictions eased, their energy and presence really began to connect with audiences. Everyone loves a good working-class band, and that’s exactly what Old Friends is; gritty, determined, and relatable.

Old Friends Track Listing:

1. Shotgunned
2. Leave
3. Missing
4. Statelines
5. Medicine
6. Monster For You

Artwork for the album ‘Old Friends¤ by Old Friends

Artwork for the album ‘Old Friends’ by Old Friends

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