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Lipstereo – “Little Spaceships” [Song Review]

Buzzing with thick layers of growling guitars topped by Sam Stranges’ sculpting vocals, Lipstereo’s “Little Spacehips” (Pop Preservation Society) pulses with contagious momentum.



Artwork for the single “Little Spaceships” by Lipstereo

Australian garage rock/indie-rock outfit Lipstereo recently released the single/music video, “Little Spaceships,” a track from their debut EP, Modern Mythology. The song narrates the feeling of being left behind when others move on.

Produced by down-under producer Mark Opitz, of INXS and AC/DC fame, the band’s sound blends retro ’90s rock flavours with post-punk elements, featuring bristly vocals, hefty grinding guitars, and resonant bass.

Formed in 2019, Lipstereo is made up of Sam Stranges (vocals, guitar), Andrew Stainsby (lead guitar), Tage Hosking-Gregory (bass), and Jesse Porter (drums), who connected over their shared passion for The Strokes, Weezer, and the Arctic Monkeys.

“Little Spaceships” rides a potent, galvanizing rhythm, full of infectious pushing motion, akin to early Beatles on steroids. Stranges’ voice, vaguely reminiscent of John Lennon, only rawer and edgier, imbues the lyrics with tasty rasping nuances, giving the tune unbridled, probing zest.

“All directions haunted by mistakes / I hit the gas I should’ve hit the brakes / So I go to war / What I’m fighting for? Little spaceships flying over the station / Little spaceships flying o’er / Where you flying to? / I’m a flyer too.”

Buzzing with thick layers of growling guitars topped by Stranges’ sculpting vocals, “Little Spacehips” pulses with contagious momentum.



Run Time: 2:57
Release Date: August 5, 2022
Record Label: Pop Preservation Society