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Album Review

Lamedd – ‘Permit’ [EP] [Album Review]

Enigmatic and at times darkly poignant, Lamedd’s EP ‘Permit’ vibrates with complex, emerging sonic milieus, offering an alternative paradigm of reality.



Artwork for the EP ‘Permit’ by Lamedd

At the end of 2022, Israel-based electronic producer Lamedd, aka Leaor Adler, released his latest EP, Permit, which weaves together monomers of experimental industrial music and imaginative ambient music to form new wave polymers of sound.

Talking about the EP, Lamedd says, “Permit boasts the ability to express my violent urges, weakness, softness, impulsiveness, and power in the same breath. I allowed my music to scream, wail, cry; to express without any filters. I improvised the tracks without fully knowing where I was going. But above all, I think, Permit describes my experience as a gay man in a somewhat violent and rough place.”

He continues, “I think for most of my life I felt that being a gay man and a drummer meant harboring an irreconcilable internal contradiction. But in Permit I suddenly let all these worlds live together and cooperate. Suddenly, it became important to me to revive the drummer I’ve been all my life and bring him back into my music: as a teenager, I used to play the bass drum with no discernible sense of grid. For me, it expresses the excitement of being alive.”

Made up of five tracks, entry points include “Mercy,” dripping with oscillating fractal descent, whizzing accents, and the elasticity of infinite benevolence. Whereas “My Incisor” pushes forth jarring, industrial tones draped in eerie, floating glazes.

Perhaps the best track on the EP, “Hunted” simultaneously oozes, sidles, and drifts on wavering surfaces, emitting stark, desolate tension.



Enigmatic and at times darkly poignant, Permit vibrates with complex, emerging sonic milieus, offering an alternative paradigm of reality.

Permit Track Listing:

1. Mercy
2. My Incisor
3. In Bloom
4. Cut The Wires
5. Hunted

Run Time: 13:11
Release Date: December 6, 2022
Record Label: Independent