Kian Blume Premieres His New, Nostalgic Single “Daphne”

Los Angeles singer-songwriter Kian Blume premieres his new single, “Daphne,” a song that truly speaks to who he is as a songwriter and a creator.



Every artist who makes a living off of their innovation and creativity reaches a defining moment in their career, and it feels like Kian Blume has reached that point with his new single “Daphne.” The Los Angeles singer-songwriter views this as a very important moment for him, a song that truly speaks to who he is as a songwriter and a creator.

Theatrical in sound and tone, “Daphne” has an almost operatic nature to it, a grand, climbing spirit that speaks to the type of artist Blume has defined himself to be. What’s so likable about the single is that it could easily fit into any musical generation, and is compelling to any listener of any age. If you fuse together The Beatles and Rufus Wainwright, it may just sound something like “Daphne.”

Discussing the song and how it came to be, Blume tells us:

“I wrote ‘Daphne’ on the piano. I was just improvising on my piano and I stumbled on the verse melody. I was actually on voice rest because of a vocal cord injury I had sustained a week before. This melody meant so much to me though. I sang it, and even wrote a chorus. I was singing it even though I wasn’t allowed to even talk. This decision actually made me hemorrhage and sent me into months of vocal rest and ultimately surgery. Nevertheless, the song was born, and I told my friends and family that I’d written my magnum opus.

“Later on, co-producer and mentor Michael Orland (American Idol) and producer Miklos Malek (Jennifer Lopez, Anastacia) touched up some of the details and wrote a bridge. The song is about a girl I knew early in high school named Daphne. And it’s about the fact that things didn’t work out and she’s only a mere memory to me. But it’s not all doom and gloom. It’s nostalgic and heartwarming pleasant memory for me. Incidentally, my first ever song that I wrote was called ‘Daphne Why’ very shortly after the breakup.”

Blume is something of an old-fashioned kind of songwriter, a musician who strives to bring back a certain kind of artistry to music that he feels has been missing from popular music for some time. It’s not that there is no good music, it’s more that it often lacks that artistic element that makes some songs so timeless. He has come a long way since he started writing music when he was only 15, inspired by a desire to turn the poems he was writing into songs.

Blume’s music is an outlet for him to express himself truly and deeply, something that is difficult to do in a world overwhelmed with the frivolousness of social media. Inspired by a wide range of artists such as Mike Patton, Primus, Michael Bublé, and Bobby Darin, Blume is determined to not be pigeonholed into one musical classification. We’d say he’s doing a pretty good job of that.

Artwork for the single “Daphne” by Kian Blume


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