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Joss Worthington Releases New Single ‘Sabre Tooth’



Joss Worthington, accomplished producer and songwriter based in West Yorkshire, released his newest single “Sabre Tooth”—and it’s a sonically brooding track that channels you deep inside the mind of its maker.

In Joss’ words, “Making Sabre Tooth was a wild journey into my imagination where I explored the deepest darkest depths of my psyche.” He goes on to explain, “I was trying to understand and express a manic state that I’d found myself in some years back in the vain hope of reaching some kind of spiritual catharsis. In that crisis I briefly found a sharper sense of reality that was both electrifying
and terrifying.”

This kind of weight comes across clearly through the song, but at the same time, the song doesn’t weigh you down. “Sabre Tooth” positions itself nicely between distorted rock and clean, cinematic pop. It moves comfortably across the timeline of your stereo in a way that gives you space, not overly asserting itself, but at the same time inviting you.

From a production point of view, I really enjoyed making ’Sabre Tooth’ because it allowed me to take an experimental trip through sonic territories that I’d not previously travelled through.

“Sabre Tooth” by Joss Worthington is available now on all platforms, so accept the invitation and dive in!