Today Johnny Epperson debuts new music. There’s always a story element when it comes to music, but not every musician is a storyteller in the traditional sense. Epperson is perhaps the definition of a musical storyteller, and he’s done very well in introducing you to that element of his repertoire with his proper debut full-length Under The Speedway Sky. A combination of classic and modern elements converge on this record, as the singer-songwriter puts his own spin on what we would refer to as Americana music. It’s neither rock, nor country; it exists somewhere in between.

Commenting on the album’s writing and recording, Epperson says:

“I loved making this record. I loved writing all these songs. The lyrics came naturally and the music fit into place like a jigsaw puzzle.

“What I wasn’t prepared for was how personal it turned out. I remember listening to it after its completion thinking, ‘hey, people are really going to see right into my soul!’ I left nothing on the table with this record and I wouldn’t have it any other way…”

Rather than categorize them as songs, Epperson likes to think of Under The Speedway Sky as a collection of short stories that have been put to music. Primarily a self-effort, he wrote most of the album in his home studio in Seattle in the fall of 2021, carrying over into the winter of 2022.

There’s obviously a country spirit to this record, which is really emphasized within the heartful lyrics about joy, nostalgia, anxiety, and love. The spirit of Epperson’s youth is also evident, a childhood spent growing up in the Utah desert where racecars and music were about all that mattered. In many ways, those are still the two most important things in Epperson’s life, which helps make he, himself, and his evocative music both charming and comforting.

Under The Speedway Sky Track Listing:

1. Always The Bad Guy
2. Calling All Cars
3. City Inspector
4. Getting It Out
5. Mr. Lucky
6. Thank You
7. The Great Northern
8. The Siren
9. There’s A Girl For Me
10. We The People

Artwork for the album ‘Under The Speedway Sky’ by Johnny Epperson, photo Tyler Andrews
Artwork for the album ‘Under The Speedway Sky’ by Johnny Epperson, photo Tyler Andrews