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Gold Shimmer Brings Back the Funk With ‘Melrose and Vine’



Gold Shimmer is a vibe—and it’s undeniable. Their new single “Melrose and Vine” is a high-energy collaboration track with songwriter and producer Jordan lacovella. It’s first collaboration the two have done together, but it’s not expected to be their last—nor should it be when the end result is an absolute “funky foray” of a banger like this one.

The LA-based indie funk group is outspoke about their mission. In their words, they are “on musical mission to show these turkeys who puts the funk in your feet, who pimps the pulse on that beat, who runs these streets.”

The swagger shines through both on record and on stage too. The party travels with Gold Shimmer, where they can be found on stage adorned in all the flash and flurry you’d expect from a group that packs this much of a punch in the studio.

The divers Gold Shimmer sound comes from a culmination of different influences as well. The group says:

We’re a funk band that’s a lover and student of all art so we borrow from almost anything that inspires us. It could literally be Tarantino one day or Zora Neale Hurston the next.

Catch the vibe, and listen to Gold Shimmer’s new single “Melrose and Vine”, now streaming everywhere.