Garrett Kato’s new track is debuting right now! There’s being social, and then there’s “being social.” The concept of socializing has taken many twists and turns over the last couple of generations and it’s something on Kato’s mind in his brand-new single “Losing Touch.”

We tend to spend a lot of time in social-like environments, like online, on social media apps, and even in public places, but it’s not the real kind of socializing that the human mind and spirit really requires. It can all end up leaving you feeling distant, unwanted, and uninspired. Essentially as if you are “losing touch.” But you could also be losing touch with yourself, creating a complex situation where you just don’t know what to do with yourself.

In discussing the song, Kato says:

“When I was writing ‘Losing Touch,’ I was trying to come off my antidepressants and the withdrawal symptoms were very intense, like a bomb going off inside your psyche. I didn’t want to live on the drugs forever, but coming to terms with who I really was after ten years of medication was confronting. ‘Losing Touch’ is about the in-between stages of transforming who you are.”

“Losing Touch” is something of a change of pace for Kato particularly in comparison to his last release, 2022’s Small Town Rituals. That album featured a more stripped-down, acoustically inclined version of the singer-songwriter, so when it came time to turn the page towards recording new music, he wanted to change it up. You can hear it on “Losing Touch,” with its multi-layered, ethereal string arrangement over a low-key beat, and delicate guitar. Kato really wanted to push himself to write something totally different, a common feature of all great artists.

Where he has always succeeded as an artist, going back over a decade to the release of The Wilderness album, and has been in connecting with his audience on a deep emotional level, evidenced by the over 100 million streams his music has amassed. He’s happy to be fostering that emotional relationship and seeing it evolve and progress as he looks forward to more new music in 2023.

Artwork for the single “Losing Touch” by Garrett Kato
Artwork for the single “Losing Touch” by Garrett Kato