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Guns Blazing, Frances Bloom Premiere Their “This Is War” Music Video

Frances Bloom, armed with their new single, “This Is War,” deliver a no-nonsense, unpretentious music video ahead of their Ninetone Records album release.



Frances Bloom

War is breaking out and Frances Bloom are on the front lines, armed with the debut of their brand new music video for “This Is War.” The song is as fierce and explosive as its title suggests, shot at you with fire and fury as if you are navigating the battlefield yourself.

The accompanying music video is as straightforward as the band themselves, a no-nonsense, unpretentious performance clip, with some epic shots of each of the five members, and some speedy and turbulent camera work that gives you the feeling as if you’re at an actual rock show. It’s essentially everything a rock n’ roll fan wants from a rock n’ roll video.

Elaborating on the song’s meaning and significance, frontman Andre Andersson states:

“‘This Is War’ is a song about fighting the devil on your shoulder. It’s about having a distorted perception of reality, thinking you’re the king of the world and losing everything while chasing your ambitions. Early on, we felt like this was kind of a theme song for the upcoming album, both lyrically and musically. It represents everything we want to bring with our newer and a bit more aggressive sound.”

It’s been a pretty active period for Frances Bloom, at least in terms of new music. Last month, we also helped debut the official music video for “We Are Who We Are,” which will also be featured on their new full-length, also titled This Is War when it comes out in April on Ninetone Records.

“Battlefields” and “Longing For Pain” were also recently revealed, heavy rock and metal combined meant to please you in the most basic ways. There are various ways in which you could compliment Frances Bloom, one of which is they are very focused on pleasing their fans and leave all pretentiousness at the door. Aggressive riffs and simple melodies make for happy fans, and it’s a formula they’ve been sticking to for many years now. Because, really, if it’s not broken, why try to fix it?

Artwork for the single “This Is War” by Frances Bloom

Artwork for the single “This Is War” by Frances Bloom