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Premiere: Anastasia Elliot Bares Herself with the Single “Bones”

Inspired by a plane crash she survived, singer-songwriter Anastasia Elliot debuts her new single “Bones,” off of her forthcoming album ‘La Petite Mort.’



Anastasia Elliot, photo by Derek Jones

Trauma is most typically unwanted and undesirable, but there’s no denying that it often very much helps ignite the flame of creativity, which is very much the case with Anastasia Elliot. It is how you would sum up the last several years of her songwriting career, as she today debuts her brand new single “Bones.”

The song is off of her debut album La Petite Mort, a collection of songs that have been in the works for a long time now. Both “Bones” and the album in its entirety are very much inspired by a plane crash that the singer-songwriter was involved in a few years ago. Subsequently, the trauma of that experience has really helped her in organizing and directing her thoughts and efforts in the right way, toward introspective, relatable, and immersive songs that really speak to her audience.

Describing her thought process and motivations behind composing “Bones,” Elliot tells us:

“I wrote ‘Bones’ as a snapshot into the band-aid trauma bonding type of relationship that we often seek after going through something cataclysmic. The kind of childish love that makes us chase the red flags while also becoming the red flags. ‘Bones’ is the ultimate distraction of fun, the comic relief of La Petite Mort if you will. The part of the story where I started seeking to control others since I couldn’t control my insides or my situation. It can be easier that way sometimes, but it never ends well.

“This song came from my first misguided attempts to take back my personal power, looking for it in the wrong places that came easy to me and devouring many innocent hearts in the process. With the violence that is weaved into the more carefree and playful soundscape of this song, it shows the internal knowledge that at this time, there was no happy ending in a relationship with me. When you are searching for a partner from a broken place, it will always end in another little death.”

As a result of pilot error, the plane on which Elliot was hit the ground too hard, which crushed the landing gear, and resulted in the plane sliding a couple of thousand feet on the tarmac. The plane caught on fire, but somehow she was able to escape this experience no worse for the wear, physically speaking at least. This experience has helped shape her life view, viewing her musical career with the bigger picture in mind, an all-or-nothing mentality.

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Elliot views herself as more than just a songwriter. She is one part singer-songwriter, and another part visual artist wherein the visual accompaniments to her songs hold just as much importance as the songs themselves. She is always very much focused on the future, the next step, as she forges ahead, determined and purposeful in her efforts to arouse and inspire.

Artwork for the single “Bones” by Anastasia Elliot

Artwork for the single “Bones” by Anastasia Elliot