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We Came As Romans, Erra, and Brand of Sacrifice Wallop Worcester Palladium [Photos]

We Came As Romans hit Worcester Palladium with support from Erra and Brand of Sacrifice, and it was a an excellent show to kick off 2023!



It was nice being at a show again! And to top it off, I had We Came As Romans as the first show of 2023. It’s been a few years since I had the pleasure of seeing them at the Worcester Palladium. The last time I was supposed to see them was the day the world shut down from Covid. We Came As Romans are touring with Brand of Sacrifice and Erra.

I wasn’t sure how Brand of Sacrifice would open up the show; since I’ve never seen them before. I was pleasantly surprised and liked their sound. They’re heavier than WCAR and Erra, but that added to the show. Brand of Sacrifice played a half-hour, seven-song setlist that consisted of singles like “Dawn,” “Altered Eyes” and “Eclipse.”

Erra was the middle set, and they were amazing! If you haven’t seen them live, I highly recommend them! I freaked out when they played my favorite song, “Vanish Canvas,” which is a slower jam. Erra played nine tracks, including “Pull From the Ghost,” “Divisionary,” and they ended their set with “Gungrave.”

Then the headliner, We Came As Romans! They opened up with “Dagger” and played sixteen songs during the night. They mixed up the setlist with new and old cuts like “Lost in the Moment,” “Wasted Age,” “Fade Away,” and “Hope,” and ended the night with “Darkbloom” and “Black Hole.” I wish I could see their set for a few more nights; WCAR gives a great performance and lots of energy on stage!

The Darkbloom Tour is just beginning, with Worcester being the third date to start. If this tour is coming near you, then go support!

I got into photography in late 2017/ early 2018 even though cameras have always interest me. I've been working with mostly local bands in the New England area since mid 2018 and working on growing my craft since then. I love shooting live shows. The energy the bands give on stage can be such a powerful experience and I want to be able to capture that moment for a lifetime!