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The Hunger – “Tears To Cry” [Song Review]

Heaving with potent melodic magnetism and wicked sonic depth, The Hunger’s “Tears To Cry” (Wake Up! Music Rocks) throbs with a sense of dark, weighty imminence.



Industrial nu-rock outfit The Hunger unveils their new single/music video, “Tears To Cry,” a track from their forthcoming long player, Bloodlines, via Wake Up! Music Rocks.

Produced by Christopher, Bloodlines consists of 10 tracks, including an accomplished re-imagination of Concrete Blonde’s “Bloodletting (The Vampire Song),” as well as a remix of “Vanishing Cream.”

Made up of brothers Jeff (vocals, keyboards) and Thomas Wilson (vocals, keyboards), along with Jeff Smith (guitar) and Alex Slay (drums), The Hunger arrived with the release of Devil Thumbs A Ride, featuring “Vanishing Cream,” which took the fourth spot on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock chart.

Speaking about “Tears To Cry,” Jeff Wilson shares:

“I write on truths, not fiction. In this case, this song is loosely based on my drug-rattled years. The first girl I ever lived with not only screwed my head up, but she was a drug dealer, so the entire inspiration of this song was about living with her and not realizing how bad the situation was. Unfortunately, I believed in this girl, but she had my head twisted up. It took years to figure out.”

“Tears To Cry” takes off on thick, chunky guitars atop a muscular rhythm composed of a brawny bassline and crunching percussion. On the chorus, the guitars shoulder heavy wall-of-sound textures as the vocals drip with urgent, aching timbres. Raw and intense, the tune thrums with palpable energy.

“No more tears to cry / I will not live this world of lies / With all the drugs I can’t decide / No more tears to cry / No more alibis.”

The Hunger in 2023

Heaving with potent melodic magnetism and wicked sonic depth, “Tears To Cry” throbs with a sense of dark, weighty imminence.

Run Time: 4:27
Release Date: January 26, 2023
Record Label: Wake Up! Music Rocks