It’s been a trip, literally, for the members of Ten Minute Detour to reach this point, and they are relishing the opportunity at their fingertips. Today, the band unveils their brand new music video for “Golden Tapestry,” which is the title track from their latest record, released this past September.

The video, like the song, is fun and upbeat and addresses the feeling of being disconnected and out of the game, which are themes that were quite obviously inspired by the various pandemic-related lockdowns of the last three years. The circumstances surrounding these lockdowns affected the band in a precise way as a result of the fact that all four members picked up and moved from Calgary, Alberta, to Southern Ontario in an effort to increase their exposure and have more opportunities for gigs.

Regarding his motivations for the song, singer and guitarist Andrew Shier tells us:

“I wrote ‘Golden Tapestry’ during the pandemic, reflecting on how it felt to be out of touch with everyone around me. Things were shut down, parks were empty. It was an incredibly strange time in our lives, and I found myself longing for the opportunity to create new memories with people. I think so much of what makes us who we are is our interaction with the world around us. When you hit the pause button on that world, you begin to question your own experience, and reflect on what makes you unique? What past experiences have shaped you?

“The idea of life’s memories and experiences being the threads of a tapestry was an attempt to convey the message that all these little day-to-day experiences add up to the sum of our existence, and are uniquely summarized in our personalities, beliefs, etc…”

Elaborating on the video itself, guitarist Jordan MacNeil shares:

“The music video for ‘Golden Tapestry’ represents the inward isolation that lingers in us even after relative normality has returned. Dwelling on the idea of who we were or who we should be, can blind us to the experiences directly in front of us.

“The protagonist in ‘Golden Tapestry’ is struggling with this internal dilemma. Beauty and life surround him, but he is unable to experience it. The lyric, ‘stuck inside a shell,’ speaks to his persona as he moves throughout his day, appearing disinterested and absent.

“In contrast, we see, spoiler alert, his ‘alter ego,’ enjoying life with a devil-may-care attitude. This temperament is what the protagonist fantasizes but can’t seem to grasp. These opposites build until a moment of impact, which is foreshadowed by the line ‘let’s be friends.’ The result of this collision traps the protagonist in his own psyche.

“After a brief internal struggle, the protagonist has the realization that he ‘can’t deny his life a rich and golden tapestry,’ and breaks free from his ‘shell.’ Unfortunately, the final scene shows us he is not completely out of the woods, and that finding your way back to some normality can take time.”

Artwork for the album ‘Golden Tapestry’ by Ten Minute Detour

A lot has taken place for Ten Minute Detour since they first met through a Kijiji ad in Calgary nearly a decade ago. Although they were already polished, experienced songwriters headed into the recording of Golden Tapestry, it represents a more thorough, thoughtful, evocative, and creative songwriting process as compared to their previous releases.

The album stylistically strays further away from the garage rock typical of those previous releases towards more of an Americana folk sound while still sounding like a full-fledged rock band. It may have taken a while to feel rewarding, but there’s no doubt that the move from Calgary to Ontario is starting to pay off big time for this bold young group.