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Hekla Goodman Premieres Her Soaring New Single “under my skin”

Hekla Goodman, also the lead singer of Swiss pop group KHASMA, premieres her revealing single, “under my skin,” off her upcoming début solo EP, ‘all I should’ve said.’



If you’re used to being in a group, the whole solo artist thing can seem daunting, but Hekla Goodman is handling it with style and confidence. Going solo can make an artist feel more vulnerable and certainly much more in the crosshairs of criticism. But there probably won’t be much of that coming Goodman’s way with the release of her debut single, “under my skin.”

Goodman, also the lead singer of Switzerland pop group KHASMA, will soon release her debut solo EP, all I should’ve said, which will include “under my skin,” as well as three other tracks that really bare her soul in a way that’s more revealing than being in a collective of musicians.

Of her new single and EP, Goodman tells us:

“I’m beyond myself excited to finally release this solo project. As a songwriter, something is always bubbling beneath the surface. I’ve felt this EP all i should’ve said burning in me for quite some time and finally threw caution to the wind thinking this was the perfect moment in my life to let these stories be known.

“‘under my skin,’ the debut single, starts the overarching EP four-part story off with a carefree song about the first realization you’re falling madly in love. The traits, personality quirks, and feelings pull you in and with reckless abandon you’d do anything for this love. I’ve always been a bit of a hopeless romantic and I hope this resonates with all of those types out there.”

Artwork for the single “under my skin” by Hekla Goodman

The young Goodman likes to use her songwriting as a way of discussing her feelings, and the songs on this EP are very much about things she felt she should have said or conversations she should have had. The EP is organized in an interesting way; it features a song of love, one of heartbreak, a song for a friend, and a song about when she needed a friend.

“under my skin,” of course, is the song of love and one that will bring back good memories of times gone by when you didn’t have a care in the world. It feels like a good time to feel alive, and that’s precisely the mood that Goodman hopes she’ll guide you toward with her exhilarating brand of songwriting.