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Erase Theory Featuring letlive. guitarist Jeff Sahyoun Releases First Single “Stay”

Erase Theory featuring letlive. guitarist Jeff Sahyoun Releases First Single “Stay”. Check out the single and find out more here.



letlive. guitarist Jeff Sahyoun has revealed an arena-ready new single “Stay” under the new moniker for his new project, launched late last year, Erase Theory.

“Stay” features on Erase Theory’s forthcoming self-titled debut EP, which will be released 24th February via Icons Creating Evil Art. Described as an emotionally devastating pop rock anthem which Jeff says was written in, “two hours, as my fiancé was moving out of our house. I was so sad, I didn’t give a shit about what it sounded like or how honest I was being.”

Check out the single here:

Described by the guitarist as sounding like The Weeknd meets Nine Inch Nails but with nods to childhood influences David Bowie, Fleetwood Mac, Led Zeppelin and Depeche Mode, it’s been somewhat of a turbulent start to the life of this project with the cathartic debut single “Lost It” being released towards the end of 2022 under a totally different name.

Speaking how important music has been to him, Sahyoun said:

“No matter what life throws at you, we will always have music. To me, it’s one of the most powerful assets the universe has given to us. It’s a language we all speak and an endless movement of frequency that allows the soul to crossover.”

Explaining the name change, Sayhoun reveals that “About a month ago, my peace here was threatened by an organization within our musical community. This organization used a capitalistic effort to bully me out of something I’d been working on for over 4 years.”

Continuing the tale, the guitarist reveals that “the individual posts videos about DIY ethics, the love for the arts, speaks about the struggle of “making it”, supporting artists globally and also claims to want to help other artists bring their vision(s) to life. Yet, behind closed doors he is sending threatening letters to other artists, in the same community, for using a WORD that he found in the English dictionary and claims as his own.”

Pre-order the new Erase Theory EP which drops on February 24th from here.

Artwork for Erase Theory’s Self-Titled EP

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