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Dave and Paula Lombardo’s Venamoris Project Release “Crimson Tears” Single

Married couple Dave and Paula Lombardo team up for new project Venamoris. Check out their latest single “Crimson Tears” here.



Founded in 2021, married couple Paula and Dave Lombardo (Slayer, Fantômas, Testament, Mr. Bungle, Misfits, Dead Cross) formed Venamoris as a result of some persistent persuasion on the latter’s part.

Following on from their recent release “Let Me Be” the pair have now released their new single, “Crimson Tears” which you can check out here:

Speaking on the project, Dave, who is in charge of drums and production on the record, explains:

“Several months after meeting Paula in 2010, she hesitantly shared with me her past decade-long career as the lead back up singer for Wayne Newton. She later played me some of the demos she recorded throughout the years and I was floored by her sonically soothing, rich tone and natural, instinctive ability to harmonize. I was determined to persuade her to return to her creative self. It’s been a deeply gratifying journey witnessing this music come to life.”

Both tracks feature on the upcoming album which also promises guest appearances from Tyler Bates (Jerry Cantrell, Manson), Ra Diaz (Korn, Suicidal Tendencies), Jack Gibson (Exodus), George Pajon (Black Eyed Peas, Cairo Knife Fight), and Tim Stewart (Lady GaGa, Damnage).

Drown In Emotion was recorded and produced at Ritmo Studio by Dave Lombardo. The album will be released on limited vinyl via Three One G on February 10th. Preorder your copy here.

Artwork for “Drown In Emotion” by Venamoris

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