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Blu Jay releases new single “Fun Being Dumb With You”



Blu Jay does not often find herself with idle hands. The singer-songwriter, producer, actress, and fashion designer has been highly engaged in the creative arts from a young age—when she first appeared in an ensemble cast for HBO’s Sharp Objects at age six.

However, today, she’s making her presence known again in music with the new release of the single “Fun Being Dumb With You”. The track has a high-caliber, modern pop feel. But it stays true to the honest and authentic lyrical approach that Blu Jay has showcased in the past with her previous two singles.

Blu Jay describes the song as being:

“ . . . precisely about what the title describes. There are so many songs about heartbreak and longing its nice to write songs about being carefree, young, and having fun being really dumb and goofy, there is something really freeing about that. I think we all feel a bit of guilty pleasure in doing all the things we are not supposed to do.”

Listen to the new single “Fun Being Dumb With You”—now streaming everywhere!