The six-piece project from southwestern Virginia combines original, soulful melodies and relatable lyrics in their new single “Luck,” now available on all streaming platforms. The undeniable alt-country bop stems from the gloomy aftermath of a bad breakup, and its inspiration channels something many of us have experienced.

We’ve all had our bad moments where the everyday phrase “Just my luck!” can apply. In The Jared Stout Band’s new single, they deliver the common sentiment through a cheerful melodic energy to contrast the phrase’s sombre-like feeling. After all, luck can go both ways.

“That’s luck, Sometimes it builds you up and gets me stuck / You swear you’d had enough, I’m in a rut, and I know, That you’ve been in one too / Cause luck ain’t got oh nothing to do, with you.”

Set to play Virginia’s nationally-renowned Floyd Fest in 2023, The Jared Stout band is positioning themselves as a go-to act in the US festival circuit. Delivering an unforgettable LIVE performance, they plan to play “Luck” amongst several of their new hits for fans from all over the country. Having previously opened for Blues Traveler, Phil Vassar, 38 Special, Cassadee Pope and much more, their talents have been highly praised by several notable artists in country music. And while there’s always a little ‘luck’ that plays into it, their skill and determination are what got them exactly where they are today.