Singer-songwriter and piano virtuoso Stefano May releases the acoustic version of “We Are The Power,” a gospel-laced song about love, strength, and human connection.

Stefano says, “Music is made to heal your soul. People find commonality in the music they listen to, and every song has the right time and place for each of its listeners.”

Originally from Italy and now based in Miami, Stefano began his solo project in 2019. Collaborating with producer Chico Bennett, he dropped his debut single, “Prayer,” in 2021, followed by a series of singles, including “Find My Way,” the electronic version of “We Are The Power,” and “Crazy.”

“We Are The Power” opens on an eloquent, low-slung piano topped by Stefano’s hushed voice, imbuing the lyrics with tender, passionate emotion. Gathering energy and resonance, the vocals glide over the intimate leitmotifs. When Stefano displays his dazzling, arcing falsetto, the song delivers spinal chills.

A gospel choir enters, giving the tune gilded depth and dimension, along with spiritual aromas.

“We are the power / We have the way to inspire / We light the match for the fire / I know we’re gonna make it real.”

Akin to a religious psalm, “We Are The Power” is simultaneously stirring and expansive, bordering on the verge of transcendence.

Stefano will perform at 54 Below in NYC on Wednesday, January 18, 2023.

Stefano May

Run Time: 3:57
Release Date: December 8, 2022
Record Label: Stefano Sound