Mighty Brother never misses enthralling their listeners and keeping them on their feet with their upcoming indie-rock single, “Rubia Marionet.” The third single off of their upcoming album Azimuth, which transports the hero myth into the modern day, “Rubia Marionet” occurs at a point in the album when the character is exploring art and love. Not only does Mighty Brother capture listeners intrinsically, they know too well how to communicate with their audience in an artistically unique manner and cut deep on a personal level.

In the music video, we see a ringmaster (Nick Huster) controlling his troupe and his star, Rubia Marionet (Eris Prescott), with a magically imbued brass lighter. Henchmen and a small menagerie of dancers support the Ringmaster and surround Rubia as her character breaks down and repeatedly glitches out. At the climax, with all his cronies surrounding her, she breaks out of the bonds and slaps the lighter out of the ringmaster’s hand. As she picks it up, the henchmen now run to Rubia’s aid to pull the Ringmaster away, and she ends the show.

“Hero watches a puppet show and identifies with the puppet that has no control over her destiny. They also fall in love with her, perhaps”, is said to be the tour d’horizon of ‘Rubia Marionet.’ And when asked what inspired the band for the storyline, they replied, “We dreamed of making this music video from the very first demo we made of the song. We shared it with a few dancer friends who got excited about brainstorming a video narrative and making a stylized dance-led music video.” Doing what you genuinely love around the people you love makes art that could touch anyone on any level, indeed.

Cover art for “Rubia Marionet” by Mighty Brother

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