Coming off of the release of his self-directed music video for “Broken,” alternative hip-hop artist Marley Pitch is closing out 2022 with the release of his new album, Nocturne. Now available across streaming platforms, Pitch decided to take an unapologetic approach to this release – tackling topics such as addiction and depression.

Marley Pitch shares that Nocturne “was an exercise of introspection and more than that, became the safe place for my shadow work.” Wanting to show that his dark side has a right to exist, Marley Pitch shares that he hopes “that people recognize themselves in it because the moments of self loathing and hedonism reside in us all so we must acknowledge it and work towards balance within ourselves.

These eleven new tracks were created in collaboration with Toronto-based producer and guitarist Justice Der. The two collaborators met through Reddit, bonding over their mutual love for recording artist Frank Ocean. Since 2018, Der has built a dedicated YouTube following for his guitar renditions of popular R&B and hip-hop tracks, twisting each song with hazy, lo-fi licks. To date, the up-and-riding producer has garnered over 25 million streams for his melodic and jazz-infused instrumentals.

Accompanying the album release is the music video for “Tell Me.” Directed by James Morano, the video follows Pitch as he realizes that the state of the life he’s living is not one that he strives for. Tell Me is just another example of how Nocturne can be described as the parallels between day and night. It has its moments of darkness, but there always seems to be a light shining ahead.

Marley Pitch’s new album Nocturne is available now.