You’re often led to believe that you have a lot of freedom of choice to say, do, and be whatever you want, but underneath this façade, it’s quite a different story. Especially in the music industry, unless you have a certain, pre-approved sound, then most of the time you’re not going to get any attention or consideration.

Punk rock as a genre or mindset has always had a strong opinion about this, as you’ll hear in Jaded Truth’s brand new single “Nothing Much.” The punk rockers have just released the frenetic new music/lyric video to go along with the song, which can be found on their new record Take A Seat, which was just released last month. The single pulls no punches, offering a frank assessment of the music scene and what you are expected to be.

Explaining the idea behind the new song, singer and guitarist Kyle Woodland say:

“‘Nothing Much’ is just a little punk song about my experience with the music industry thus far and how you are forced to conform to a certain sound in order to be supported and grow.”

Take A Seat is a concluding chapter in a trilogy of albums the band has been masterminding since their formation in 2019. Each record has examined the darker side of life, topics that are unnerving or even alarming. On their 2020 debut album Rx, the theme centred around insomnia and addiction. By their sophomore follow-up Tsukimono, the band turned things more towards the paranormal and the spiritual.

Now, with Take A Seat, Jaded Truth are offering their own social commentary on the current state of the world, as they have observed things going haywire thanks to the global pandemic and the social and political unrest that has befallen different components of society. It’s certainly the band’s most evolved work since their inception over three years ago, with lots of grunge, punk, and metal riffs ready to chew on.

Artwork for the album ‘Take A Seat’ by Jaded Truth