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Die Like Gentlemen Premiere a Solid Single for Your “Last Night on Earth”

Portland, Oregon’s greatest underground metallers, Die Like Gentlemen, return with “Last Night on Earth,” a ripping, enormously satisfying new slice of metal.



If you combined all of the best ingredients of each heavy metal era going back to its earliest conception, you’d probably end up with a band sounding a lot like Die Like Gentlemen. Portland, Oregon’s greatest underground metallers have returned with their brand new single, “Last Night on Earth,” a ripping, enormously satisfying new slice of metal that serves as the first single from their forthcoming new album Hard Truths, which will be released sometime in the new year.

“Last Night on Earth” possesses all of the great qualities of a great metal song; thundering and commanding guitars, enormous breakdowns, howling vocals, and an intensity you just don’t find in any other genre of music. The song is liable to remind you of the thrash metal sound of the 1980s, the thickness and heaviness of doom metal, and the unrelenting spirit of classic rock n’ roll. The band may not sound “contemporary,” as compared to other metal acts out there, but they don’t have to because they sound full, complete, and extremely fulfilling.

Explaining the band’s musical motivations, singer and guitarist Adam Alexander says:

“We just write what we write. We all share a lot of influences – classic rock, death metal, doom, grunge. I guess it’s where we feel most comfortable: darkness, anger, anxiety, depression, and doom. We’re not the first band to find freedom in dwelling on darker aspects but we’re always following different inspirations to keep things interesting.”

It’s a special year ahead for the members of Die Like Gentlemen, as it will mark the tenth anniversary of the release of their highly regarded debut, Romantic Delusions of Hell. In that time, they have become a staple of Portland’s heavy metal club scene, developing a dedicated cult-like following within the Pacific Northwest city. With the release of Hard Truths, their fifth studio record, on the horizon soon, it would seem like the band is primed for a long-overdue breakout.

The band members are operating at their highest level of skill and cohesion, which is why it’s no wonder that Hard Truths is their most ambitious, confident-sounding collection of songs. Watch out because Die Like Gentlemen is going to be a force to be reckoned as they unveil their new album and work towards a 2023 tour.

Artwork for the album ‘Hard Truths’ by Die Like Gentlemen