It’s been an impressive nearly 20-year run for Sweden’s Defueld, but rather than curving downwards in terms of creative output and commendation, things seem to be still trending very much upwards. We are helping today to debut the band’s brand new music video for their latest single, “Touch The Sky,” a clip that may remind you of an old 16-bit video game from the early 1990s.

The song concludes a monumental year of releases for the band after six other single releases that have been issued over the last many months. It’s a nice run of notoriety for the band that still feels as good as it did over a decade ago when the group was finding its groove.

Discussing the idea behind the “Touch The Sky” music video, guitarist Joakim Norlander says:

“After several lyric videos I wanted to do something fun and unique. Then I got this cool Idea to make us run through a level. Like in an old school video game. I used blender. A free 3D software. The video itself has nothing to do with the song lyrics (laughs). It’s just cool and that’s that.”

Lead singer Christoffer Wetterström adds:

“‘Touch The Sky’ is about creating a halo effect around something that you want so much that it becomes an obsession. Deep down you know that this is never meant to be, but you still drag yourself down into a dark place, feeding your own illusion with the darkest of all questions; what if?”

Defueld’s history extends back to 2003, when Wetterström started it as a solo project. It was never meant to get off the ground beyond something of his interest, but when his black metal band Darkmoon Ritual disbanded, he began to work harder and harder on his songwriting. Their music is best described as a contemporary mix of metal and hard rock with big hooks and catchy choruses. It’s all intended to have a ”big” sound, matched with strong melodies and decisive grooves. With a solid recent material output, it makes you excited to see what’s coming next from this Swedish metal crew.

Artwork for the album ‘Touch The Sky’ by Defuelds